Best Methods of Drain Cleaning

Clogged drains and leaking pipes can be frustrating and draining literally. While facing such problems, you could either wish to resolve them on your own. Or you are hoping for the best plumbing help for solving the problem and help you out. However, professional services will cost you a lot.

If you do not have the plumbing services available right now, you can also go through the following hacks for the best services.

Ways of drainage cleaning

  • Avoid using chemical drain cleaners.

Plumbing experts will not recommend using any chemical drainage cleansers to clean any of your pipes because they can create more damage than do any good. You can safely remove the clog rather than plunging or snaking.

  • Unclogging Tub drains and bathroom sink

Mostly, bathroom tub drain clogs or bathroom clogs can be the excess of long hairs or toothpaste. So, to solve the problem, you can fill the basin with hot water and sink the drain. Of course, it would help if you flushed the drain out and then cleaned it. On the other hand, the method is not practical for everyone. Sometimes you also need to use the snake or the plunger to take out the drain physically.

  • Bathroom tubs drain and sink clog prevention.

After taking a shower, run the hot water from the drain to ensure that the unclogged and the bathroom drains clean. Moreover, the hot water must clear the pipes quickly.

  • Toilets

Never flush things that do not biodegrade or are large because such can create potential clogging.

  • Toilet clog prevention

To prevent toilet clogging, it is always good not to flush anything that is not supposed to get flushed down. Things you should not wash down:

  • Dental floss
  • Nail clippings
  • Hair
  • Cotton swabs
  • Unclogging kitchen drains

Hot water can permanently save the day, and you can use such tips when you have a clogged drain in the kitchen. First, you can run the boiling water, and the dish soap is best for diminishing the clog. If it is not working, you can also use the kitchen plunger and then rerun the hot water with the grease-dissolving soap of the dish again.

 Other than that, you can also go organic while mixing the baking soda and the vinegar in equal parts. Other than that, you can also pour the mixture down the pipe to avoid the stubborn clog without creating any potential pipe damage.

  • Kitchen drain clog prevention.

You can keep the grease drain away, avoiding clogged kitchen drains and the clogged pipes. Such grease can get accumulated in the lines to solidify the large chunks of the clogs. Moreover, you can also put the disposable jar for oil disposal, and when it gets hard, you can throw it away.

Furthermore, you can also call the FCS plumbing & water heater repair company for help if you want to end the clog and when there is nothing that seems working for you. Also, you can contact professional services for plumbing. You will observe the problem got solved professionally while getting the issue of the drain immediately.