Slab Leaks

A slab leak is a term used for the leak under your floor slab. When there is a leak in the water heater pipe under the floor, it will create many problems, and various symptoms will reveal that you need to call expert technicians to solve the issue. If you don’t take corrective measures, the leaking water could damage the wall’s foundations or the entire building. It could destroy the foundations, and you might have to spend a fortune repairing the slab leak, which could get repaired in less amount if you take corrective measures in the early stage.

Symptoms of a slab leak

Following are the symptoms which could tell you about the slab leak in your building, look for them and call our expert technician right away and save your property from damage:

Soaring utility bills

When you receive high utility bills, water is getting wasted in the building, which goes unnoticed. A hidden leak has developed in your property, causing continuous damage to the foundations of the building.

Hot areas

When you have hot areas on the floor, this indicates a leak under the floor in the hot pipeline. Faulty plumbing or material will cause the pipes to develop a leak, and it will destroy the slabs on the floor. The sand under the floor will keep the slab hot, and all the sand will wash under the slab, and you will have to spend a considerable amount of money on restoring your property if you get late in taking the corrective measures in time.

Damp floor and carpets

If you have puddles on the floor without any source of open water or your carpets remain damp and give off a stale smell, it means that leaking water for the water heater plumbing has found a way to come out of the slab.

Running water sound

Listen to the sound of running water under the slab. A stethoscope could come in handy, but the running water sound under the slab will make you assured that enough water has passed under the bridge, and now you must stop it from ruining your property and taking it to the point of no return.

Always running water heater

When your water heater always keeps running without opening any faucet or shower, it means that water is running under the slap from a leaking pipe, and it is ruining your foundation.

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