Solving Water Heater Leaking Problems

It is bad news when your water heater is leaking. A small problem can turn into a big one if proper care does not get provided. Professional care and expert handling are the most important things. You must be surprised to know that it is a small trick that can solve your problem in no time and will give you a clean result with minimal damage to your floor.

Proper maintenance, Quality Plumbers

But, on the other hand, if proper care does not get taken, a small trickle can turn your cleaned subfloor and dry walls into a damaged piece. It would help if you learned about the reasons for the leakage before solving it, and such reasons could involve like:

Reasons for leaked floor

  • Cold and hot water inlet and outlet connections

In this case, the reason for your leakage is super easy to fix, and with the simple check of the outlet and inlet pipe, things could get restored in no time. You must check the connections if they are causing the water to leak and you are losing something. Then, you can replace the faulty pipeline or tight it with a wrench.

  • Pressure and temperature valve

Such a relief valve can play a significant role in keeping the water heater running super smoothly. But if there is any broken valve there, then it means you must have the damaged valve, and you need to replace it.

  • Heater drain valve

The drain valve is the standard one but a straightforward issue that can get solved in no time. On the other hand, if the water leaks from the valve, make sure that you have closed it entirely. Still, if the watertight air valve is draining continuously, you must replace it completely, which is a relatively inexpensive option.

  • Bottom of the water tank

At last, it is the most common reason for leaking the water tank. When the sediments are building up in the bottom of the water, it could take years. Gradually after the significant corrosion, the water will begin to rust and start the decline.

On the other hand, if the deterioration or age is the reason for this deterioration, it might also cause your leak. Then you might need a professional plumber to solve it.

Call a professional Plumbing Company.

It does not matter what the cause of your leak is and what do you believe is the issue with your heater. We always recommend you seek help from a professional or a licensed plumber to check the leak source.

While making the replacements or repairs that need to occur, a professional like¬†FCS plumbing & water heater repair company¬†will quickly repair the leaking problem. So, to avoid any harmful consequences of the water tank, always check for your problem’s source.