Water Heater Repair

A water heater is an essential appliance in all commercial and domestic buildings. Any issue in the water heater will lead to devastation and, in some cases, the total damage to that area. If you have installed a conventional water heater and developed a leak, all the water in the tank will be on the ground around the heater. If you have placed the water heater in the basement, it might flood the entire basement, and you will have to spend a fortune repairing the damage. The water heater will damage everything around with sizzling hot water in the garage and around the house.

Plumbing Maintenance Saves You

We suggest occasional and seasonal checkups of conventional water heaters with tanks, your tankless water heater and hybrid water heater are no exceptions. Any leak in those applicants can also cause catastrophic damage. Our technicians are equipped with the latest gadgets and robust equipment to look for any issue and factor that could cause damage to your domestic and commercial building.

 FCS Plumbing & Water Heater Repair

We are the obvious choice in water heater leak and repair in the town for many reasons. Here we will tell you about our services and expertise in handling all types of conventional, traditional, and latest technology water heaters. Some of this new technology you have in your building might need repair to save you from severe damage.

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Types of water heater we repair

Conventional heater

This is the most common type of heater which people love to install in their houses and commercial buildings. This type of heater provides you uninterrupted hot water supply with high pressure throughout the building thanks to the bigger tank ranging from 20 to 50 gallons on average as per your requirement. If this type of water heater develops a leak in the tank, it will spill all the water on the ground, and you might have to face dire consequences. It is imperative that save your property from this damage, and you take account of any symptom as changing colored or smelly water, change in pressure or moisture around the tank. If you have an electric water heater, the element could collect the debris and sediments in the tank’s bottom to force the tank to develop a leak. And we are the unsung heroes to save you from any such situation in the building.

Tank-less heater

People are going towards these products because of the convenience they offer. You can get these water heaters installed in any place suitable for it in your house or commercial building. But these products are also susceptible to develop a leak and cause damage to your property. Gas leak, hot water pipe leak or water inlet are common issues for which we have earned the top-ranked reputation in town.

Hybrid heater

These products are not as famous as the other two, but people still purchase these water heaters to replace the older conventional versions. You can call us with the surety of receiving the most sophisticated services in any leak repair situation in your water heater.